Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Fog with a Bite

Yes, China, you can host the Olympics and maybe have clean air so the competitors won't fall down and die. But you'll have to pretty much shut down the entire region to make it happen.

Drastic efforts to curb pollution include pulling half of Beijing's 3.3 million vehicles off the roads, closing factories in the city and in a half dozen surrounding provinces, and halting most construction in the capital.

Some 300,000 heavily polluting vehicles, such as aging industrial trucks, have been banned since July 1.

Even after doing all that it may not do you a damn bit of good.

'Our job is to decrease the pollution as much as possible, but sometimes it is very common to have fog in Beijing at this time,' Du said.

Chinese 'fog'  by you.

It's fog, with a bite to it; pollutants interacting with sunlight. Nothing to worry about. Unless you to run a few hundred meters very very quickly.
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