Monday, July 28, 2008

Semi-Random Linkage: Startup ideas, Shirky's Law and Fred Wilson

Paul Graham - Startup Ideas We'd Like to Fund.

We don't like to sit on these ideas, though, because we really want people to work on them. So we're trying something new: we're going to list some of the ideas we've been waiting to see, but only describe them in general terms. It may be that recipes for ideas are the most useful form anyway, because imaginative people will take them in directions we didn't anticipate.

Having ideas is the easy part - execution is hard.

The flip-side of that argument ..

I’ve heard hackers brag that they could have built Twitter over a weekend. Underlying this boast is a misunderstanding of what is truly impressive. Coming up with Twitter required only a small amount of technical knowledge. The hard part was the social insight to realize such a tool would be useful. This is a social insight the bragging hackers didn’t have.

That insight is just as important as building the tool.

And this ..

Fred Wilson wrote two articles in the last few days about globalization and its effect on the Internet. When Union Square Ventures raised its most recent fund, Fred told investors “The Internet is getting more global, more mobile, more social, more intelligent, and more playful.”

I wish the internet was getting more playful- nothing more serious (I've found) than a Malaysian floor manager who can't ship product because The Cow has tripped over The Extension Cord and The Server Room has no power.

Or, just maybe, my sense of humor does not cross the language barrier so good.
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