Monday, July 14, 2008

The Great Debate By R.S. Gwynn

The Great Debate

By R.S. Gwynn

I say we must have change.
Our changes will consist
Of things you may find strange.
I have a little list
Of things we plan to change.

I too say we should change,
Change but not too much.
We’ll simply rearrange
Some agencies and such,
Which means we will have change.

Of course by “change” I mean
(And, please, make no mistake)
Not a sweep that’s clean,
Not change for change’s sake,
When I mean “change,” I mean.

I’m glad that we agree
That changes should be few,
No more than two or three—
Changes by me, not you.
It’s nice that we agree.

You’re twisting what I said.
You’re mangling what I meant.
The polls say I’m ahead.
I should be President.
You’re mangling what I said.
You’re twisting what I meant.
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