Thursday, July 10, 2008

A Vibrant Culture of One

L. Shane Carlson wrote

Vibrant cultures want something; exhausted cultures don’t. And what do we actually want, today? For a thought experiment, imagine hearing this on tomorrow evening’s new shows:

The Vatican announced today that it will soon begin colonizing the planet Mars. Many parts of the mission remain unclear, but the plans to launch the first rocket from a pad on the island of Malta appear definite, with a tentative launch date in July 2010. The goal will be to establish a colony capable of sustaining itself within 20 years, with the long-range aim of completing the terraforming of Mars within 100 years. Accompanying the initial group of 142 Catholic settlers on the 297-day flight will be a priest and an auxiliary bishop from the diocese of Rio de Janeiro.

I'd say

  • They've got a lot of engineering to do to make a launch date of 2010.
  • So that's what Burt Rutan is up to.
  • 'Add To Shopping List' *Click*
  • Honey, you did say you'd follow me anywhere.


  • Hey, Father Flanigan? I've been meaning to speak to you about converting ...
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