Friday, July 18, 2008

Must be boring as snot in New Zealand

You New Zealand People must be really terribly horribly bored.

( Maybe you're like me after Battlestar Galactica went into hiatus until 2009: what could you possibly do on Friday night until the last half of the last season resumes sometime next year? )

And yes, a great big juicy smooch to you, too, SciFi Channel. {Asstards.} ) )

But, yes. Some poor wastral clicked here from Selenian Boondocks. Which is weird because Jon is about a thousand times more interesting than I am. Or at least his blog is. He works for a company that's building actual rockets. They've got a workshop and tools and all that good stuff. They even turn the rockets on once in while. They're flight testing hardware.

How fucking awesome is that shit, hunh? I mean gawd-damn.

So this guy - or gal - clicks in and then spends the next hour ( and nine minutes ( and seven seconds )) clicking through the blog archives. I'm not Lileks, Twain or Faulkner. I'm nobody. This stuff is just not that amusing, nor consistantly on topic about anything to be interesting to anyone for more than a few minutes.

All I can think of is that y'all New Zealanders must be really bored. So come on back, y'all, for a daily dose of krep blog.

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