Wednesday, July 23, 2008

He's special

About my youngest ...
I knew that my youngest, Cian, was a special child from the moment he was born. He has proven over and over again during his little guy life. He is the one that used to bathe in the dog water bowl. He was the child that would put his face into a plate of spaghetti and suck up the noodles. He was the one that invented the penis airplane. [1]

It should be no surprise that he comes home from church on Sunday with a handmade card for his Dad and myself. It was in my favorite color, green. He's a very thoughtful and insightful child. On the outside is handwritten "Thank you Mom and Dad" and on the inside "For not giving me up for adoption."

I died laughing. Only Cian.

[1] Don't ask.
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