Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Ai Yi Yi, Katy

I wrote this, Travis responded

I suggest that evolution makes women attracted to men who are capable of doing violence.


But I know when I'm handy she gets a look in her eyes.  Dig a pond, plow the driveway, fix something .. it's put the kids to bed and Katy Bar the Door. [1]

I submit that women [2] are attracted to competence.  Sex sells but competence seals the deal.  Competence means she won't be left holding the bag.  It means he'll be around when the kids show up and he'll do what needs to be done.

They say [3] women love a guy in uniform.  I wonder if that's because a uniform indicates at least minimal competency at something.  Think what you will of, say, the Marines but when a bunch of them show up stuff happens.

I suspect this gets all mixed up for some women: casual brutality stands-in for competence, mental circuits are tripped and there you go.

Or I could be full of it and all is is expository so I could link to the Dilbert cartoons from April 10th and 11th.



I love the fist-pump.

[1] Jerry Jeff Walker - Navajo Rug (live 1991)

Well old Jack the boss, he closed at six
And it's, 'Katie bar the door'.
She'd pull down that Navajo rug
And we'd spread it cross the floor.
I saw lightning frame the sacred mountains
The wooin' of a turtle dove
Just lying next to Katie,
On that old Navajo rug.

[2] As much as I can claim to know them, which I really don't.  Dr. Phil I ain't.

[3] You know, "them".

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