Wednesday, April 22, 2009

American Conservative Party

Protests, aye we got 'em.   Leadership to get in front of that pack and lead it somewhere productive ... not so much.

It is in that gap, that unfilled need for a fiscally conservative and socially neutral party, where the American Conservative Party is organizing. We seek to be the political arm for the tea party movement, the focused expression of voter rage. Started by blogger Bill Quick last year, the ACP is organizing chapters in 14 states already, with four more targeted for expansion this year.

Fiscally conservative and socially neutral.  Beam .. me .. up.

Devil's in the details - time to do the clicky thing see what the problems are.

The Republicans don't suit me - never really did.  I'm with the Democrats somewhat on social issues but the abortion thing puts me off.  Libertarians have some of the right ideas, but wacked implementation.

Most of all I want something that Just Works without a lot of bullshit.

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