Sunday, April 05, 2009

Never serve under Tenth Corps

From 'The Coldest Winter' by David Halberstam.

After Chesty Puller helped lead his regiement out to Hungnam, a Time magazine reporter had asked him what the great lesson of the battle was. "Never serve under Tenth Corps," Puller had immediately answered.

Well, Ned Almond does get rough handling in that book. Deservedly so if, as reported, as corps commander he flew around in a light aircraft bossing around regiments and battalions.

Also .. Almond was put in charge of an amphibious operation then was not intellectually curious enough to find out the basic details of an LVTP [1].  That's lame.  Talking basics here like not knowing that they floated.

'The Coldest Winter' is a marvelous, well-written history.  Recommended.

[1] LVTP = Landing Vehicle Tracked.  They were, and their successors AAVs are, one of the key vehicles used to get troops and cargo from ship to beach, then inland.

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