Sunday, April 26, 2009

Safford United School District v. Redding

School suspects an student [1] is dealing Ibuprofen.  School strips searches the student without notifying parents.  Understandably upset, the family sues the district.  It wound up at the Supreme Court last week.

If you read this sorry mess it's hard to avoid this conclusion by a commenter at The Agitator.

"Apparently, by enrolling their children a public school, parents give their consent have a gloved hand inserted into their child’s anus."
Apparently so.  Not my kids however: if you're smart and have the means not yours either.

[1] We are all equal in front of the law but you would think that an intelligent person acting in loco parentis would take into account that the girl was an honor student and had zero incidents of trouble in the past into account.

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