Thursday, April 16, 2009

Regret Sales

From Dresden Codak

Few modern analysts dispute the historical and modern relevance of regret sales; rather, it is the lifestyle and practices of the actual regret salesman that raises issues. Regrets, naturally, come in various flavors and qualities, the best by far always coming from one with the highest concentration of despair: a Neverwas. On occasion a Neverwas will occur naturally in a hobo boxcar or trust fund, but more often than not it requires years of dedicated training to ensure that no meaningful life decisions are ever made (the advent of the internet has allowed for marvelous advancements in this field). A professional Neverwas, though rare, can generate in a significant fortune and then not spend it in a few months, making it a popular (though ambitious) career among those who wish to not work and not reap the benefits.

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