Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Comment of the day

Comment of the day.

Creating jobs is a bug, not a feature.

The whole point of using electricity instead of rubbing two sticks together is to eliminate work and therefore, necessarily, jobs. The whole point of an economy, of trade and commerce, of bankers, lawyers, miners, fishers, farmers, bakers, candlestickmakers and yes, even UAW members, is so I don’t have to do the work.

What possible point is there in increasing the amount of work, therefore jobs, we need to do to maintain our current level of wealth and comfort? What kind of nut would advocate this?

Leftists all think the amount of our money and our free time is infinite. Their own money and time? Not so much. Ask Tim Geithner.

Is everyone this damned ignorant about what an economy is? I was for sure until I got to Tim Worstall’s blog.

I would leave out the mud slinging against the leftists, but that is a personal choice.

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