Monday, April 06, 2009

Rose Fernandez - Tony Evers

Wisconsin has an election day tomorrow, April 7.

For superintendent of the Department of Public Instruction you can vote for Tony Evers.

Evers led the DPI in their efforts to shut down the Wisconsin Virtual Acadamy two years ago.

Jeff Dickert - a high-ranking manager at DPI - did political work on behalf of Evers and the teacher's union, WEAC, using state resources.  Evers, in turn used state resoures for fund raising.

Evers is part of the same leadership team and educational bureaucracy that - among other deeds - has seen Milwaukee Public Schools devour more and more public funds and fail their students.

On behalf of Evers, WEAC ran a serious of scurrilous ads featuring a heavily altered campaign photo of Rose Fernandez, editing a smile into a sneery scowl.

Evers wants to lift the state QEQ - causing an explosion in our property taxes.

That ain't change.  It ain't hope.  It's businesss as usual.

What you want is Rose Fernandez.

Who fought the good fight so every kid in Wisonsin could attend virtual charter schools, if that was best for them.

Who forged a compromise that all sides in that fight could live with.

Has an actual plan for Milwaukee Public Schools.  Crazy, I know. It might not work, but we know status quo isn't working.

Supports rewarding good teachers with merit pay.

Has bi-partisan support from across demographic boundries.  From everywhere in the state.

What do you want for the leader of the Department of Instruction?  A man who is beholden to a non-representative interest group or a woman who works for all children in Wisconsin?

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