Monday, April 27, 2009

man constitution

What, was Ralph Nader Busy?

Now President Obama has named MADD CEO Chuck Hurley to head NHTSA. Drivers, car buyers, and the American public had better brace themselves for a season of neo-Prohibitionist rhetoric, nannyist initiatives, and efforts to criminalize now-lawful conduct. It won’t be pretty.

What .. the .. heck .. Obama administration?  You're curtailing civil rights, dismantling Gitmo only to move it to Afghanistan, and etc and etc and so on and so forth and on top of all that you're placing the guy who runs the nervous-nelly MADD in charge of safety?

To translate it into UNIX system administration terms (Randy's fundamental metaphor for just about everything), the post modern, politically correct atheists were like people who had suddenly found themselves in charge of a big and unfathomably complex computer system (viz, society) with no documentation or instructions of any kind, and so whose only way to keep the thing running was to invent and enforce certain rules with a kind of neo Puritanical rigor, because they were at a loss to deal with any deviations from what they saw as the norm. Whereas people who were wired into a church were like UNIX system administrators who, while they might not understand everything, at least had some documentation, some FAQs and How tos and README files, providing some guidance on what to do when things got out of whack. They were, in other words, capable of displaying adaptability.

From Cryptonomicon

Y'all really need to 'man constitution' before you end up breaking stuff and creating unhappy users.

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