Tuesday, July 26, 2005


From Globenet. Three little words and their credibility is shot to shreds and screaming on the ground for mercy. Nano Nuclear Bomb. You can't google to find out what it is but it must be icky beyond belief - it has the word nuclear in it.
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Subject: Nanotechnology and Society -Some important issues to be discussed at ICNT 2005

Frequently Asked Questions about Nanotechnology and its impact on Society

1. How much money has been funded in Nanotechnology worldwide? $4.3 billion a year

2. How much is it compared with the US military budget ? $409 billion a year

3. Is it possible to make nano nuclear bomb, using nanotechnology which could release massive lethal nuclear radiation ? Yes.

4. Is "Nano Nuclear Weapon" a potential threat to our civilization? Yes.

5. Who is responsible for the misuse and abuse of the power Nanotechnology?

This is a good question. We have invited a team of nanotechnologists, social scientists, bioethicists, philosophers to debate about this.

To discuss about the state-of-the-art technological development in Nanotechnology and its impacts to the society at large, you are invited to participate in the

International Congress of Nanotechnology 2005
October 31 to November 4, 2005, San Francisco, USA


Let your opinion be heard at the Congress!

Yes indeed, make your opinion heard.
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