Sunday, July 17, 2005

Touring in Michigan - partially saved from the Memory Hole

Bruce Gagnon posted the following in Organizing Notes, titled 'TOURING IN MICHIGAN'. It generated perhaps the best back and forth that I've seen. Now it's gone. Heck, I can empathize - Blogger makes it far to easy to send things to the Memory Hole by accident.

The comment thread is gone - but the post can live on. No, don't thank me, it's a community service.
I got a call at 3am early this morning telling me my flight from Portland to Detroit was cancelled by NW airlines and that I'd have to take a later flight. Once I finally made it to Detroit I took a small prop plane to northern Michigan, Traverse City, where I spoke tonight beginning a week-long tour in this region. First thing people told me is that the upper 90's weather here is totally unusual. Everywhere I go these days, including in Maine, the weather is really screwed up. It has to be a result of global warming causing the Mother Earth to go into convulsions.

Got a great response tonight and was able to begin and end my talk by reading from my new book - Come Together Right Now. I have one copy, provided by the printer, that was sent to me so I could give it one last look before the final printing. Should have the first print run in next two weeks. Orders already coming in quite well and we are anxious to get them out to folks. Thanks to all who have ordered.

I'll be doing two talks a day up in this region, along the great lakes. Folks say this is a very conservative area and one reporter from a local rural paper, serving a town I speak at later in the week, came to hear me so he could write an advance about the talk. He says he is catching some hell from folks as he tries to introduce people to some of the issues of the day. He also quietly hears from people who also appreciate his writings. I told him folks are job scared and laying low, waiting for someone to stick their neck out. Unfortunately we don't have a healthy democracy in America today where the citizenry feel they are free to speak their minds. So every time one of us does, it helps liberate people from their fear.

Posted by Bruce Gagnon to Organizing Notes at 7/11/2005 10:30:00 PM
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