Tuesday, July 12, 2005

It's all down to global warming

And Bush. And his evil henchman, Rowe, leader of the VRWC.

Arch Druid Gagnon is touring Michigan, spreading the word and has this to report;
Once I finally made it to Detroit I took a small prop plane to northern Michigan, Traverse City, where I spoke tonight beginning a week-long tour in this region. First thing people told me is that the upper 90's weather here is totally unusual. Everywhere I go these days, including in Maine, the weather is really screwed up. It has to be a result of global warming causing the Mother Earth to go into convulsions.

Sure it's down to global warming. That or it's just warm. It does that up here.

One wonders what Gagnon would make of, say, New England circa 1777 when the Hudson was frozen over, all winter. Or Greenland when the Vikings settled in before it got cold again. Weather changes, this is life on Mother Earth. She's not having convulsions, she's just turning around a bit and getting comfy on the couch.
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