Monday, July 11, 2005

Hot nanocomposites get hotter

Wherin Liftport is called a "self-described space elevators company"
Hot nanocomposites get hotter - July 2005
Nanotubes also are considered viable for future construction of a "space elevator," envisioned as a super-strong tether anchored to Earth and attached to an orbiting counterweight that provides the centrifugal force to maintain the tether in tension. LiftPort Group, a self-described space elevators company, has unveiled plans for a carbon nanotube manufacturing plant, set to open in June this year, in Millville, N.J. The new plant, LiftPort Nanotech, will be the company's first commercial nanotube production site and will also serve as its regional headquarters. The facility is the fruition, says the company, of three years of research and development and will make and sell carbon nanotubes to glass, plastic and metal manufacturers, which will, in turn, synthesize them into other stronger, lighter materials for use in LiftPort applications.

Self-described? McDonalds is, then, a self-described fast-food restaurant. Exxon is a self-described energy company. And so on. When do you graduate from 'self described' to whatever it's opposite is?
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