Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Where ARE you Moonbase Alpha?

It's 2005. Where are the flying cars? For that matter why don't we have colonies on the moon and outposts on Mars? Two contrasting reasons why.

Property Rights
In which the author praises LBJ for starting the space race, then halting it a decade later.
If those of us who want space developed—who don’t want it kept like Antarctica—ever hope to change that situation we must find a way to remove or get around the prohibition on land ownership in space.
LBJ’s Space Race: what we didn’t know then

It Costs Too Much To Get There
In which the author tears about the facts, methodology and conclusions of the above article
Even if there was no Outer Space Treaty, the biggest impediment to developing the Moon would still be the immense cost of getting there. No treaty changes the laws of physics, no matter how much we wish it so.
Big claims, little evidence

Granted Mr. Day tears apart Mr. Wasser's article but I do think that both reasons need to be addressed. We need cheap lift to space, yes. We also need something to do there that goes beyond duplicating McMurdo Base.
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