Friday, July 29, 2005


Read this and it reminded me of my own 'nothin' wrong with that weapon' moment.

1986, Quantico KD Range. A Corporal in the next relay is shooting the 200 sitting.
Bang. Maggie's drawers. Bang. High and right. Bang. Low and left.
Some grumbling heard; the rifle is messed up. Got to be.
The range OIC, a Warrant Officer 4, strolls up.
Lemme see that weapon, son.
WO 4 tips the sign to the tower. All targets down to half but his. He slips his own magazine into the weapon, tosses it to his shoulder and rips off twenty rounds, offhand - just that quick.
His target goes down and comes back up with a single spot, middle of the bull.
"Aint' the weapon, boy, it's the shooter."
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