Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Last Farm In DC Beltway Shuts down

An example of not getting the cause - effect thing. From Technocrat
An end-of-an-era article here. The last working farm inside the Washington DC Beltway has closed down.

"The last known working farm inside the Capital Beltway has been sold to a North Carolina developer planning to build a strip mall.

The 35-acre Prince George's farm has been in Duane Dickerson's family since the 1880s. But the 62-year-old said he is leaving because of a lack of profitability, along with increased population and increased crime inside the Beltway -- a freeway that encircles the Washington, D.C., metropolitan area."...more there

ed:I wonder how many strip malls there are inside the beltway already? Sort of a microscopic view of the macroscopic US economy. Replace wealth production with wealth re-arrangment.

I've probably driven by the place at one point or another when I lived in D.C. Sad yet .. the area is no place for a farm. And don't weep tears for the fellow in question - he's relocating lock stock and llama to another farm in Emmitsburg. Which is, or was, very rural. I have no doubts he got a more than fair market price for the land.

It's the editor's remark I question. Retail stores are wealth creation not re-arrangment. Put up a store, employ people, make money for shareholders. You're not re-arranging wealth, you're creating it. I really hope Zogger is not a college graduate but I suspect he might be. One hopes his major wasn't economics ...
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