Monday, September 17, 2007

Blank Top Chronicles

PWAPS is right - this is a funny blog: The Blank Top Chronicles.
ME: Am I being controlled by Jews then?
GUY: Yes you are.
ME: That's funny, I don't feel like I'm being controlled by Jews.
GUY: Well you are.
ME: Is it the Jews' fault I forgot to turn my alarm on and got into work late today?
GUY: . . . I'm being serious here. I know what you're doing and you're not going to get away with it.
ME: I don't know, according to your theory you have Jews and Middle Easterners working together. I'd call that notable progress, wouldn't you?
ME: (over the radio) Hey who picked up from 1234 X Street and took somebody to 5678 Y Street?
DRIVER: I did that sir.
ME: Could you check the back of your cab, your passenger says he left a snake in your backseat.
DRIVER: Eh? A what sir?
ME: A snake.
DRIVER: A snake?? A SNAKE?!?!?! AIEEEEEEEE!!!!!!
ME: Hello? You still there? HELLO?? Oh, wonderful.
There is more - much, much more.
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