Thursday, September 13, 2007

If you're lost find a police officer

The older I get the less I trust the Authorities.

Most of the (few) dealings I've had with the police have been reasonable affairs. I don't doubt that the police will attract people who will abuse their badge. We can't get rid of all of them but if they're not managed well they'll go off the rails.

Officer #1: Let me see your insurance card for the vehicle.
Brett: Did I commit a moving violation?
Officer #1: Yeah you did, when you were coming in here.
Brett: Really? What was that?
Officer #1: Yeah, you wanna try me? You wanna try me tonight? You think you've had a bad night? I will ruin your ****ing night.
[Officer starts to get close up to my face]
Officer #1 You want to try me?
[Officer is inches away from my face, screaming as I'm pinned between him and my vehicle]
Officer #1 Do you wanna try me young boy? Do you want to try me tonight young boy?
Brett: No I don't.
Officer #1: Do you want to go to jail for some ****ing reason I come up with?
Brett: No I don't.
Officer #1: Do you wanna see who knows the law better, me or you. My experience compared to your young ass. Huh? Don't ever get smart mouthed with a cop again. I show you what a cop does. Do you understand me?
Brett: Yes sir.
Officer #1: Try and talk back -- Talk back to me again. I bet I could say you resisted arrest or something. You want to come up with something? I come up with nine things. Do you wanna try something?
Brett: No I don't.

Read the transcript. Watch the video -it's instructive.

I have kids. I want to raise them right. It's really damned difficult for me to tell my little monkey 'if you're lost find a police officer' when one of them could be a guy like Kuehnlein.
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