Monday, September 10, 2007

NASA needs a new slogan

"Explore, Discover, Understand."

A lame slogan only a government agency could love. It's not even in Latin.

NASA is looking for a new one. What they've come up with is "NASA explores for answers that power our future."

Ya - that's a lot better, Ace. You're only a few words away from a tag line for GE.

Rand Simberg's commentators came up with some good ones

NASA:98.0 Percent Safe!
NASA: The AmTrak of the 21st century!
We fly where we won't let you go.
Come join us in cubicle hell.
NASA: Keeping the moon free of pesky humanity since 1972.

WIRED has an open contest running

Ex Caeli Sapientia (From the heavens, wisdom)
NASA: In 100 years, you'll wish you'd given us more funding.
NASA: Actually this *is* rocket science.
NASA: Take THAT, gravity!
NASA: What We Could Do With The Billions Wasted In Iraq...
NASA: The Stars Our Destination

Remember the first rule of awesome motto writing: it sounds better in Latin.

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