Friday, September 14, 2007

How To Make a Small Fortune in Space

$25 million for the first team to send a drone to the moon and have it drive around.

Thought the First. What Murdoc said . . .
This will NEVER work. NEVER EVER EVER. There is no way that anyone besides the BIG GOVERNMENT AGENCIES could do this. There's no way the people working working for private entrepreneurs could ever possibly pull this off. It's going to take NASA years to get back to the moon. No one else HAS A CHANCE!

I am TAUNTING you! I am calling your skills into question. I am doubting your manhood. I don't think you can do it. I am DARING you to prove me wrong!

Thought the Second. This does not solve the 'it's freaking expensive to get stuff to orbit' problem. Unless the winning team solves that problem while they're low-costing a solution to get a bot to the moon. Or it inspires someone else to work on the problem.

Thought the Third. It's clear, now, what the solution is to solve our space access problems: make a pile of money in another industry and throw it at engineers.

*The answer for the subject line question is of course: Start with a large fortune.
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