Thursday, September 06, 2007

Political Quiz

Block quoted in full - 'cause it's so good.

If you see an American hero keeping us safe from terrorists, you may lean towards the conservative side of the aisle.

If you see (and feel discomfort at the sight of) a machine gun with high-capacity magazines that nobody should be allowed to own save the military and police, you may lean towards the liberal side of the aisle.

If you look at that picture and have an instantaneous reaction of revulsion at the sight of one of the King's Men patrolling with a taxpayer-funded automatic weapon whose ownership is denied to the citizens that paid for it, in the middle of a city where possession of even a rimfire smallbore pistol is illegal for citizens, then you may lean towards Libertarianism.

(If you look at the picture and see mainly a G36K with an Aimpoint and double-clamped magazines, you are, of course, a gun geek.)
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