Saturday, September 15, 2007

Quarry Quest

We went to Quarry Quest this year.

Whazzat? Michels Corporation opens the Neenah Quarry for a day in September. Woo - rocks. But no, it's fun.
Quarry Quest was created by a team of community-minded organizations in 1999 to help provide a better understanding of the construction and mining industries while also raising much needed funds for local charitable organizations.
No, really it is fun. Kids get to climb all over heavy equipment, ride around in heavy equipment, operate it in a limited way. No blasting, sadly. I'd explained the role of explosives in rock mining and perhaps I'd stressed the ka-boom aspect a little too much.

The best part - for me - was seeing my three monkeys build a chimney together. It's been an interesting year for them and seeing them cooperate and spend an hour slapping bricks and mortar together .. it was good.
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