Monday, December 01, 2008

Happiness is a Warm Gun and many many magazines

I'm likin' the Smiley Face on the AR-15 receiver.

Happiness by you.

Not because you can hit a whole lot on full-auto [1] but because full-auto is fun.

More Pics!

[1] I did once see [2] a guy make very tight groups on three-round burst with his M-16A2, at 50 yards. In the dark. In a very stressful sub-optimal situation.  We knew the grouping because we looked at the building his target was using for cover and ... yupper ... several groups of three you could cover with a half-dollar.

Pity that he was aiming at torso height and the crazy dude was sorta hunkered down.

[2] 'Was cowering behind a rock while the rounds went by overhead' is more accurate.
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