Tuesday, December 30, 2008

No Recession For Me

Via Peter Shankman's HARO list ...

Today's HARO comes from the concept that even if there's some bad economic news, people need to think positive! Holton Sentivan + Gury and j2 communications invite you to stand up and choose NOT to participate in the recession!Everyone who signs up will have their names included in an upcoming Wall Street Journal ad that will tell Wall Street and Americans that we refuse to wallow in bad financial news, and will continue to do what we do even better in '09! Stand up and be proud! http://norecessionforme.us/

Why?  Well .. why not?

Optimism is harder to sustain than gloomy pessimism, but in the long run optimists are better prepared to take advantage of whatever opportunity rolls along.

Plus we're just naturally more fun to be around.
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