Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Thank you!

Y'all - each and every one of you - rock: I asked for a modest amount of your time yesterday and you guys put it over.

 This was in my inbox this evening ..

Ahoy, bdunbar!

Our contest themed The Holidays just ended, and your test "Santa's Reindeer Personality Test" was a contender. During the contest, Santa's Reindeer Personality Test had 571 takers and earned a rating of 292 stars. It ranked #4 for popularity and #1 for quality.

Guess what? That means YOU WON!


And - it must be said - that the genius behind the contest was my lovely wife: she's the one who spent a whole lot of her own time putting the thing together.  Because she's good at that kind of thing.

I will soon join the ranks of the cool kids, walking around blissfully tuning out the world and it's distracting reality with my ears plugged music only I can hear.
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