Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Santa's Reindeer Personality Test

You know why I'd like you to take this quiz? Because you're a big sweetheart, that's why. And because you're honest.

And because it would be really nice if, due to your honest ratings on this really excellent quiz, I won first prize. Which is an IPod.

So .. yeah. It's not really the keen A/V gear but the bragging rights I'm after.

Your result for Santa's Reindeer Personality Test...


38% Donner, 0% Dancer, 6% Prancer, 16% Vixen, 6% Comet, 6% Cupid, 6% Dasher, 16% Blitzen and 38% Rudolph!

Hey hey! You are the Donner reindeer personality. Donner is sometimes also called Donder. I don't know why exactly and it's really not important, because he is quite the versatile dude. He is the reindeer that has loads of confidence and maintains a sense of pride. But he has a lot to be proud of, this one! He's not cocky about it, he just knows that he has very strong attributes and abilities that help him get the job done. He cares about other people too, and he's always willing to lend a helping hand. Donner is like the jack of all trades reindeer and a very handy fellow to know.

Santa Says: "Donner is a great friend and I'm very happy to have him on my team. I have a lot of respect for him!"

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