Sunday, December 14, 2008

While She was Out - my cabin fever movie pick of the week

Saw 'While She Was Out' last night.

You know how in a film when the protagonist is being chased, and finds a club, and hits the bad guy on the head? And then she recoils in horror, drops the weapon and keeps running?

And you, watching, are yelling, 'Keep hitting him!'.

And then, sure as taxes, the bad guy gets up and keeps going. 


Della (Kim Basinger) doesn't do that. What she does is hit a bad guy with a wrench. She drops back, horrified. Then she steps up and hits him again and again and again until that sum'bitch is dead, dead, dead.

And it is messy and gross.

And then she keeps running 'cuz that's only one bad guy and there are more on the way and it's not the right time for a Snoopy Dance.

For that scene alone 'While She Was Out' is my cabin fever movie of the week.

Brian K. sez 'Check it out'.
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