Monday, December 01, 2008

What is this 'vacation' you speak of?

She raised a contract with the Collective for her personal protection, using money paid back under the penalty-clause provisions. The university's system, she was relieved to see, had Moh's little gang on its list of approved suppliers. Her unspecified sabbatical wasn't a problem either. She had a backlog of unused leave for the past year: like most research scientists, she found the concept of time off from work a bit hard to grasp.

From The Star Fraction, by Ken MacLeod

Apparently I have something in common with MacLeod's Janis Taine: I too have a hard time understanding the concept of 'time off from work'.

Vacation - what is that? by you.

It's just .. if you're not working, what do you do with yourself? 
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