Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Directed Energy Weapons ... from spaaaace!

A 9/11 Nut is following me on Twitter.  I do not know why.  Soni observed about her web page ...
Clicked link and my brain asploded. Damn, it's like stupid showed up IRL & learned how to write html. In 1994.

It would be awesome if the World Trade Center had been destroyed by space weapons. [1]

Because it would mean we had the means to lift some serious honking infrastructure to orbit. Talking about big frickin' machines. Talking about a mirror the size of LA County to focus laser beams.  It would mean we can  put megatonnes of crap into orbit and build stuff there.

Flying Flapdoodle, people: it would mean that however it's been done the space access problem has been solved. Forget returning to the moon in 2020 or 2028 with a Boy Scout patrol's worth of astronauts - we're ready to build Hilton Luna now.

[1] Awesome in a good-bad way, not awesome as in I would be personally overjoyed.  Duh.

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