Saturday, August 22, 2009

Watching as they grow ... Even the Youngest grow older

Watching as they grow... Even the Youngest grow older
Pasty Dunbar

I sit and listen with a smile as the boys play.

It wasn't that long ago that I held them close and
nursed them upon my breast.

Not yesterday, but before.

My memories are not dimmed by their growth away from
Mommy's arms.

Inside I know that the nurturing I gave them lies inside
their hearts and will be with them forever.

It will help them to become father's, husband's, lovers.

They will understand the meaning of touch, kiss, and comfort.
It is not sad that they grow further away from me,
but I wonder how the gradual increase in their independence
happened without my seeing it come.

Time does create a difference in life, but I shall always
hear the whisper of "Mommy" in my mind and feel it in my heart.

I am not losing a child - I am creating young men that will
direct the future of our world.

Right after they finish killing zombies on the latest video game.

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