Monday, August 10, 2009

Varley on Language

John Varley on Bad Language.
... if you’re less than my 60 years. But I invite you to just listen to this movie. I am a lifelong advocate of free speech, and the freedom to use dirty words. Shit, I use them in my reviews. But the excessive use of such speech has now become just a symptom of laziness. Robert Shaw never yelled, never cursed, and succeeded in being much more frightening than Travolta, whose every other word is motherfucker. Really, take a look at the old one, then the new one, and see if you don’t think we’ve gone an amazing distance downhill since 1974. The technology is better. Everything else sucks.

Hunh.  A writer whose fiction [1] features nudity, naughty language, sex, pedophilia, and etc. is upset.  About Bad Words in the movies.  Which he chalks up to laziness.  Which is not laziness but crudeness of culture.

Varley must be blind: he helped make it that way.

[1] I enjoy much of Varley's fiction: Steel Beach I've read to pieces, for example.   But I am aware of what it is and what is between the covers.

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