Monday, August 24, 2009

Wealth, rationality, sanity

The West comprises 14 percent of the world's population and controls 73 percent of the world's wealth:
 Walled World -

Charts like this bother the ever-lovin' snot out of me.

The wealth was not just sitting around like dragon's treasure under a mountain.  It was made from nothing into something.[1]

This essay by Steven Dutch has no relevance to the demarcations in that map.

The more I travel, study history and read the papers, the more convinced I become of the superiority of rationalism. With that attitude, I should spend all my time traveling to northern Europe and Japan. However, fate has also seen fit to send me to many places where people think with their viscera and gonads instead of their brains. The more I see it in action, the more convinced I become that societies that place personal "honor" before everything else are truly cursed. This value system has ramifications that pervade the societies infested with it. It is, in my view, the most toxic value system on the planet. The term toxic is carefully chosen and meant to be taken with the utmost literalness because societies pervaded by this value system are deeply poisoned spiritually.

Nope - nothing to see there.  Steve has nothing worthwhile to add either:

My opinion: Back when I was an anthropologist of sorts, I reached a conclusion that may have a lot to do with why I'm not working in the field.

Just as there are insane individuals, there are insane cultures.

Rationality and insane cultures have nothing to do with why that map is the way it is.  It's all down to Walls keeping the Poor and Downtrodden down on the farm.

[1] Also annoying; the Korean DMZ is just there, without context. As if there the South Koreans just errected it one day in 1950 for no good reason except to keep out their poor relations [2] from the North. What .. the .. heck.

[2] And lets not forget that in 1950 South Korea was the poor agricultural part of Korea and North Korea had all of the industry and wealth.

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