Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Going in a Bad Direction Without Wanting To

TSA and Its Brethren
Going in a Bad Direction Without Wanting To
Fred Reed

I discussed the matter with a group of friends who, like me, are roughly in their mid-sixties—that is, who remember the United States as it was years ago. We agreed that we are seeing an anger in the United States, chiefly directed at government, that is new to us. There was widespread anger during the war in Vietnam, but it was directed at the war, not the government in general. Today we have something different.

There is a sense that the government now is not only hostile to the public, which it never was before, but out of control. The degree of intrusiveness has grown from almost none to almost unrestrained—or so people feel.

Fred is always worth a read - this time more so than usual.

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