Thursday, August 24, 2006

Bellevue High School Robotics team needs your help

Kaiwen Gu from Bellevue High School recently wrote to Liftport
My name is Kaiwen Gu, I am a member of the Bellevue High School robotics club (In Bellevue, Washington). We are a group of diverse high school students who meet multiple times a week to learn about engineering and to work on problems involving technology. One of our biggest endeavors is the FIRST Robotics Competition, at which we have six weeks to build a fully functional robot to compete against other teams in complex challenges. Last year, we were ranked 5th out of 46 teams, and received the coveted General Motors Industrial Design Award.

Currently, we are running purely on donations to support the club. We need your support to keep this club running for this year and to be able to attend the FIRST robotics competition. Without your help, we will be unable to attend this event and this would be horribly disappointing to the many students who put their hearts and souls into this organization.
They're looking for corporate donations and machine shop space (what, high schools don't have shop space?). We're not able to provide a donation, but we're spreading the good word about a good cause in our neighborhood.

Because FIRST is important. You've got to get at kids at a young age to show them that science and technology are cool and nifty. Plus it's about robots and robots are cool.

BHS Robotics Team 949

I note that Team 949's web page lacks (to date) their contact information. I've got Kaiwen's email address if anyone wants. Or, you know, call BHS and ask for G. Kirkpatrick or J. Singh, Team 949 Advisors.
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