Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Weep for thy children believe nonsense

From the FPSpace list comes a link to a UFO spotted by an alert viewer of NASA-TV during STS-121 . . .
The following event was broadcast "live" to the public on NASA Select TV channel, available to many cable and dish TV customers in North America. On Flight Day 5, at 8:43 PM CDT the evening of 8 July (1:43 9 July GMT ) 2006, Discovery and ISSy were cruising high above Brazil. The INCO had the low-light black & white camera in Discovery's payload bay pointing to the west. In view were the western Amazon basin, as well as the Andes Mountains of Peru, Bolivia, and Ecuador. The crew were in their sleep period when all of this took place.

Several hundred miles/kilometers below, active thunder storms could be seen, and lightning was flashing randomly. It was then that SOMETHING very weird was seen moving under the cloud deck below. Subsequently, this object emerged from the clouds at very high speed, and appeared to shoot off into space to the east!

Due to the fact that the Shuttle/Station Complex was orbiting in excess of 220 miles (350km) above the Earth, this object MUST have been MANY MILES/KILOMETERS in diameter! This is one of the rare cases in which we DO have a frame of reference to judge the actual distance of the anomaly. This because the object rose FROM the clouds far beneath Discovery's camera.
Now we know why NASA-TV is so boring. So when those shockingly inept aliens screw the pooch and show themselves on TV - no one will be watching.
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