Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Ferengi Invasion

From MemeTherapy - why some alien invasions are not so bad.

Science Fiction and Fantasy author John C. Wright went to town with our last Brain Parade question. We hope this vision of the future doesn’t come to pass as it would pretty much wreck the planet but at least it’ll get wrecked in an amusing way.

Just in case you missed it here’s the question we put to John:

We apologize for the inconvenience, but the planet Earth is scheduled for alien invasion. Your species’ custom is important to us. Please leave a message at the tone indicating your preferred choice of alien invader and why.
Invasion by the Ferengi of STAR TREK NEXT GEN is next on my request list of wimpy, dorky invaders. The super evil evilness of the Ferengi consists of the fact that they are (gasp of horror, please) Yankee Traders. (This phrase is used twice by Lt. Data when they are first introduced). Getting Ferengied by the Ferengi is about like being robbed by a Robber Baron: in other words, a guy comes up to you and sells you something you want, like oil, steel, or computer software. He does it again and again until your economy is humming and you are rich. Then you complain about what a bum he is. It is true that they might try to sell you shabby goods. Caveat emptor.

Invaded by capitalists who make you rich. The horror ...

Nothing to do with Ferengi - this is one of the girls runing the Moonbase on UFO. Dig that hair.
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