Thursday, August 24, 2006

Good Heavens, Miss Sakamoto - you're beautiful!

From the Home Office at explosionland: Signs that the United States has given up on science
  • Space elevator loses research funding in favor of the much less complicated space staircase.
  • The particle accelerator at Brookhaven National Lab is being converted to a totally bitchin’ roller derby rink.
  • Prayer-based WiFi.
  • FDA approves cancer-curing mittens.
  • 78% of Americans amazed to learn that there is no Nobel Prize for Wheelies.
  • Tostitos Restaruant Style with a Hint of Lime presents: NASA.
  • President Bush repeatedly mispronounces “scientists” as “scientits.” Nobody corrects him.
  • Cancer-curing mittens recalled after people start eating them.
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