Wednesday, August 16, 2006

My Provider. The attitude is part of the package

Dreamhost. Sure you get hosting, but you can get that anywhere. Like your hosting served up with attitude?
On rare days we’ll receive messages that roundhouse kick us right in the moneymaker with their awesomeness. Today is one of those days.

These voicemails contain pretty tough language and are definitely not work-or-child-safe.

We’ve bleeped out phone numbers and email addresses to protect the enraged…(I didn’t have a microphone handy so I did my bleeping through the business end of a pair of cheap headphones.)

Angry Voicemail Part 1 - 144k .wav file

Wow! That guy’s really really mad! He gets as angry about spam as I did in oh, say, 1996.
Maybe all that threatening and yelling weighed heavily on his soul. It must have, because he called us back half an hour later, making sure to stress that he’s going to take us on LEGALLY. He’s going to kick our a$$ LEGALLY:

Angry Voicemail Part 2 - 478k, .wav
Lesson (re)learned. Don't say anything on a recorded message you'd feel foolish over if it were published in the New York Times. Or across the internets.

And the 'spammer'?
Hissy-fit notwithstanding, if there are spammers on our network we want to know about them! We did check out the email address he mentioned and it didn’t appear to be running afoul of our tough anti-spam policy. We’re pretty sure he was just on the receiving end of a few bounced messages with forged headers. And no, we didn’t call him back. As a general rule we don’t return abusive emails or phone messages.
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