Sunday, August 27, 2006

JVL-CON Report

Spent the weekend at JVL-Con, a smaller con held annually in Janesville, Wisconsin. Good times were had by the family - it's nice being at one of these smaller events where you can get to know everyone; indeed many of the guests were people we'd met at a previous con in Madison.

Guy had his briefcase ripped off Saturday. Found it hours later in the dumpster.
- Comic books
- Some really keen 20-sided dice
- Props for a live-reading of  Knights of the Dinner Table
Were found next to the briefcase. That eliminated the con attendees because we would have known better than to leave the dice or the comics.

Although the con had a small attendence, it had a big feel. Lots of people playing new games and sharing great conversations and ideas. One of the highlights included a stag version of Gloria Gaynor's "I Will Survive" to a karaoke machine. The studly dude sporting a nifty black kilt made it clear to his "bitch" that he would be happier without her. His version would have rivaled any competition. Later he even shared what little men wear under the kilt. Thanks, David, but that was just a little too much 'sharing'. Really.

Even though the attendence was less than expected, the art show and auction were quite successful. Over fifty SF books from the 50's went for a pretty penny. The Liftport panel was very low key and interesting. Several people showed interest and had lots of questions about the project. It was well received and generated a sense of excitement to those attending.

Like all cons, this one was full of colorful people, pretty ladies, and macho geeks. With the lower attendence it is safe to say that may of us left with new friends and look forward to the next time we can meet, bond, and conquer the universe.
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