Tuesday, August 15, 2006

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A Crafty Madness » Too good to be true
The thing is, too many of my fellow Americans aren’t willing to do this anymore — they don’t want any blood on their hands, messing up their fine opinion of themselves. They’d rather let the country slide into the darkness of decadence and slow disintegration than do anything that even threatens to give them bad feelings about themselves. The fact that they don’t believe that we can ever slide into the darkness of decadence and slow disintegration is part of their disease. It’s become all about the self-regard now. I’ll illustrate this with something that will at first seem rather unrelated. Weeks or months ago on some blog somewhere there was a discussion of tattoos, and an argument ensued between the people who were into tattoos and the people who were of the opinion that tattooing was a dubious if not immoral activity. The usual accusations of “lowlife!” and “puritan!” got bandied about, but what struck me was the comment of one woman who, concerning her own attitude towards tattoos (she liked them, and had some), stated “I’m a good person.” It occurred to me that this simple sentence was the perfect illustration of what has gone wrong in Western culture over the decades.

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