Thursday, August 03, 2006

Hooray for Drudge Work

Huzzah for documentation!
"Big Dig firm calls warning a fake"

…A Big Dig construction company denied yesterday receiving a memorandum that a safety officer said he wrote in 1999 warning that the Interstate 90 connector ceiling could collapse and said the document appeared to be fabricated.

The statement issued by Modern Continental Construction Co. is the company’s first public comment since a story appeared in The Boston Globe last Wednesday describing the document and the account of safety officer John J. Keaveney, who said he expressed grave concern about the epoxy-and-bolt ceiling system in May 1999…

documents indicate, for example, that workers did not begin drilling holes into the roof of the connector tunnel until June 10, 1999, so Keaveney could not have observed, as the memo states, that there was water dripping from the drilled holes in May. In addition, according to company documents, invoices for building materials mentioned in the memo indicate the materials were not delivered until July.

Modern Continental also provided the investigators from the state attorney general’s office with samples of the company’s letterheads, which differ slightly from the letterhead on the memo Keaveney asserts he wrote…

Nothing is more deadly damned dull than maintaining documentation and nothing will save your keister better than .. good documentation.

The doc department at Modern Continental deserves a raise and a few high-fives for being able to produce the documenation and (I assume) being able to demonstrate it was correctly read into the system and tracked so no one can plausibly say they made it all up.

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