Thursday, November 29, 2007

Cart Before Horse

Rocky Persaud knows what space startups need.

Capital? D.D. Harriman? Tax breaks? A market?

A business accelerator.

This would be an organization that mentors new space entrepreneurs from startup and seed-stage through to its first angel investment and beyond. It would provide expertise in management, finance, accounting, product development, marketing, and perhaps some research services as well.

Maybe. Rocky is a smart guy and he's done more in the biz world than I have. And startups in this industry are cursed by having pesky capital concerns - you can't sit down with a laptop, write code for a few months and hey presto build a rocket.

For that matter I have some interesting ideas on how to wedge IT into the mix.

Still ... this seems like one of those deals where the drover is putting the cart before the horse.


And yet .. if this does take off y'all could use a good IT pro or two .. call me, eh?
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