Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Closed Minds and Crabby Wretches

I've been disemvoweled. And at all places a SF blog. Isn't the point of Science Fiction exploring new ideas and being open to foreign ideas?

From their 'Communications 101: How to Argue Effectively & Respectfully' page
In general:

* respect
* sense of humor
* no pissing contests
* respond to the content not the speaker

This is what I wrote - italics hers, normal print mine. From my perspective it looks like Ide Cyan violated at least three of their general rules. I was writing with respect, a gentle sense of humor and I certainly was not going to engage in a pissing contest with a pseudo-anonymous feminist on her own blog.

The only displays of affection seen between them, however, were a brief kiss on the cheek and a squeeze of the arm, and Cain smiling at Gina during a dinner party.

That’s reasonable considering the position Cain is in - she is (was? time travel and flashbacks confuse me) the CO of a warship - they’re not supposed to play sexual favorites. PDA is a huge no-no between subordinates and the boss.

she, too, was dead by Razor’s end,

A character this interesting is going to be back. Sure, we ’saw’ the basestar blow up but .. death for some in BSG is not forever (hello, Starbuck).

Good thing BSG only has one more season. If this show went on as long as we want it to the place would get as cluttered with resurrected characters as the Marvel comics universe.

she had been the one who’d first shot the civilians on the Scylla, per Cain’s orders.

It’s a dirty job but someone has to do it. Shooting first would be out of character for Fisk - but he’d contribute after the fact and then go on a bender. Having one of the Marines do the job wouldn’t convey the same emotional punch.

To recover from it, the show had better have some sort of positive depiction of a lesbian or gay relationship in Season 4. That is my demand, Ronald Moore! Do you hear me?

Careful what you ask for - it could go too far the other way and then we’ve got ‘Torchwood’.

‘Torchwood’ is good TV but it seems to be less a show with gay/lesbian/etc doing cool stuff and more all about their gay/lesbian/etc issue and oh by the way they just happen to do cool stuff that demos their LGBT issues.


Don’t pull a slippery-slope argument about homosexuality on TV *here*.

Don’t mistake friendly argument for hostility, hey?

I‘m only slagging a show, not engaging in rhetorical fisticuffs .. or whatever it is you think I‘m doing.

If you want an echo chamber of agrement, then I‘ll rmove this blog from my feeder and never darken your door again.

Except Gina was a civilian, so, oops! there goes that excuse.

Gina was on board before the attack in a role that I‘m assmnging was ‘civilian contractor’. When they’rre assigned to navy ships here and now they fall under the authority of the Captain, if not the UCMJ. The Colonial Fleet is modled after the US and British Navy the writers are familiar with.

So there goes your smack down of my excuse.



Charmingly childish. Still .. your blog your rules.

It is a nice blog and I enjoyed reading it. I‘m confused as to why you’d have a blog and then discourage polite and reasonable conversation.

So it’s without malice and with a little puzzlement that I'm pulling your feed from my reader. You won’t miss me but closing your blog off from minds that don’t strictly conform to your world view seems weird - the whole point of SF is to broaden your mind, nu?

If people spew hostility and rage at random passers by who don't agree with their party line they shouldn't wonder why most of us find them humorless and crabby wretches.
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