Monday, November 05, 2007


This thing has grown legs, gotten up and galloped - as anyone could have predicted.

This letter is in response to the recent news item in WorldNetDaily. You know, the one about how you tried to tell a resident of your city that she was "not authorized" to have a link from her Web site to the site of your city's police department.

Are you out of your mind?!

As a result of reading the news story, I have posted a link from my own personal Web site to the Web site for the Sheboygan Police Department. And, as you can see, this column now also contains such a link. I did not ask anyone's permission, nor will I. I will not remove said link from my personal Web site until I'm ready, which will be at a time of my personal choosing. If you wish, then you are certainly free to order your city attorney waste the tax dollars of the people that elected you by writing me a letter telling me to "cease and desist" from having such a link on my Web site. But, such a letter would be totally unenforceable. (It would become a case of trying to "push puffballs.") In short, it is my Web site. I pay for the Net space, I built it, I write all the content, I write all the HTML code to make it function, and I have chosen to have a link to the Sheboygan Police Department. And, I hereby encourage everyone that reads this column to click onto that link, and to put such a link from their own Web sites.

I wonder if anyone who is in charge in Sheboygan is aware that 'Sheboygan' is becoming synonymous for 'laughing stock'? Mayor Perez, thanks for doing your part to make Wisconsin look like it's home to a bunch of dorks.
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