Friday, November 16, 2007

Market Anarchy

I am not sure that I'm a market anarchist ... but I'm glad that people like William are committed to it and willing to do up excellent table literature about the topic and write about it on their blog.

The state of Market Anarchist propaganda has been pretty dismal. Despite a ton of resources on the internet, there are few books, pamphlets and articles available in the real world. And--aside from a few glossy and expensive volumes published by the Mises Institute--what there is just isn't that pretty or appealing. (Insert standard ironic joke about Market Anarchists being crappy at marketing.) Anyway, to fill that void and maybe make things easier for the Market Anarchist who wants to go tabling or stock their local infoshop I've gone ahead and put together an easy-to-print series of pamphlets/zines on Market Anarchy. As the back of these pamphlets say:

"This Market Anarchy Series was created to republish and showcase historical articles from our tradition that highlight our relation to the revolutionary left and explain Market Anarchist theory in general terms."

All that and links to literature at the Mises Institute.
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